Not An Outsider EP3 | Foreign assistant from Luxembourg: China's poverty alleviation is 'teaching people to fish'

How to define an "outsider"? Well, certainly not someone who is working so hard to improve local people's livelihood. In 2018, Nick, a retired police officer from Luxembourg, volunteered for the first time in Zhadong Village. After that, he then volunteered to become the "foreign assistant" of Xie Wanju, the first clerk of Zhadong Village in Liu Sanjie Town, Hechi City of Guangxi Province, helping Xie to carry out poverty alleviation work in the village without compensation. He was amazed by the Chinese government's ability to implement a radical change within just three to four years in a poor mountain village that once did not even have accessible roads.

"There are also people with the lowest incomes in Luxembourg, but the government usually provides financial assistance to get them out of their temporary difficulties. But the Chinese government is clearly more humane in the way they help the poor, and they are more willing to teach them the skills that will give them the ability to lead a happy life on their own," said Nick.

Looking at Xie, who wears a party badge and is always busy caring for every resident in the village, Nick finally understands what the phrase "serving the people heart and soul" really means.

Today, Zhadong Village has become Nick's "second hometown". The story has also drawn attention of Luxembourg Ambassador to China, Yu Bosheng, who said that they would definitely take the opportunity to visit this village. The battle against poverty in Zhadong Village has come to an end, whereas for Nick, this is not the finale, but the starting point for the next challenge. Watch the video to explore the legendary poverty alleviation endeavor along with Nick!


Source:DotDotNews [2021-08-25]