HK Coalition's Statement Thanking General Secretary Xi Jinping's Care and Concern for HK and Calling on Society to Work Together to Fight the Epidemic

General Secretary Xi Jinping recently gave important instructions on supporting Hong Kong in the fight against the fifth wave of the covid epidemic. He entrusted Vice Premier Han Zheng to convey to Chief Executive Carrie Lam his concern for the Hong Kong epidemic and show his care for the Hong Kong people. General Secretary Xi emphasised that the Hong Kong SAR Government should take charge and prioritise its anti-epidemic efforts above all else. Hong Kong needs to mobilise all available forces and resources, take all necessary measures to ensure Hong Kong citizens' safety and physical health, and ensure the overall stability of Hong Kong society. Relevant departments of the Central Government and local authorities should fully support and help the Hong Kong SAR Government do a fine job in epidemic prevention and control.

Vice Premier Han Zheng instructed the Hong Kong SAR Government and all relevant parties to implement General Secretary Xi's important instructions resolutely. Vice-Premier Han also highlighted that pertinent departments of the Central Government and Guangdong Province would promptly resolve all requests made by the SAR. The Central Government has also decided to set up a joint initiative led by the Hong Kong and Macao Office of the State Council and the National Health Commission. It comprises relevant departments and experts from Guangdong Province and the SAR Government to increase overall coordination and effectiveness. According to reports, the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government recently held a special meeting to make arrangements to support Hong Kong's anti-epidemic efforts and ensure the continued flow of supplies.

General Secretary Xi Jinping's important instructions laid a roadmap for Hong Kong's anti-epidemic efforts, demonstrating the central government's concern and support for preventing and controlling the epidemic in the Special Administrative Region. The Hong Kong Coalition is truly grateful for the care and concern shown by General Secretary Xi, other central leaders and their cordial care for the citizens of Hong Kong; we thank the central government and relevant provincial departments.

Fully support and help the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government do a good job in epidemic prevention and control to comprehensively ensure the safety of Hong Kong citizens, their physical health, and the overall stability of Hong Kong society.

Although the fifth wave of the epidemic rages on, with the firm support of the motherland and our mainland compatriots, as long as Hong Kong society stands united, we will surely be able to overcome our challenges and eventually develop and make progress together with the nation. 

In the face of the epidemic, we must stay confident and be united. We cannot remain complacent in the face of current challenges. The Coalition calls on all citizens of Hong Kong to fulfil their civic duties by getting tested and vaccinated, unite and overcome the difficulties together. We ask all community sectors to come together, with patriotic forces setting an example by cooperating with the country and the HKSAR Government to take various anti-epidemic measures. Let us join forces to strive for early zero infections locally and achieve early customs clearance with the mainland.


February 16, 2022