The Hong Kong Coalition welcomes and supports full resumption of normal travel between the Mainland and Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Coalition welcomes and supports

full resumption of normal travel between the Mainland and Hong Kong 

4 February 2023

he Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office of the State Council and the HKSAR Government announced yesterday (3rd February) that normal travel between the Mainland and Hong Kong will fully resume strating February 6 and open up all boundary control points (BCPs)without imposing any prescribed daily imposing numbers of people. All people entering the Mainland from Hong Kong can be exempted from nucleic acid testing if they have not visited overseas or Taiwan within seven days. The Coalition welcomes and fully supports this and believes that all walks of life in the community will be very happy and cherish this long-awaited arrangement.

As there has been no large-scale movement of people between the Mainland and Hong Kong in the past three years, the normal travel of persons between the Mainland and Hong Kong was resumed in phases starting January 8 in a progressive, orderly and comprehensive manner. It fully reflects the reasonableness and safeness of the measures implemented by the governments. Since the implementation of the first-phase resumption of normal travel between the Mainland and Hong Kong has been in smooth operation overall, the full resumption is now a matter of course. The Coalition is grateful to the Central Government for its full support to Hong Kong, as well as the Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Office of the State Council, the Guangdong Provincial Government and the HKSAR Government for their hard work on the full resumption of normal travel.

While Hong Kong's economy continued to suffer setbacks last year, the Central Government's support for the full resumption of normal travel between the Mainland and Hong Kong is undoubtedly a timely rainfall, allowing Hong Kong's economy to "come with sweet dew after a long drought", especially the rapid recovery of growth in the tourism and retail industry.  This not only boosts the confidence of Hong Kong citizens in this year's economic prospects, but also helps the HKSAR Government to comprehensively implement policies, attract businesses and talents, and enhance the momentum of economic development.

At the time of the full resumption of normal travel between the Mainland and Hong Kong, the Coalition hopes that under the "One Country,Two Systems", Hong Kong’s distinctive advantages of enjoying strong support of the Motherland and being closely connected to the World, Hong Kong can advance from stability to prosperity by further improving governance and accelerating integration into the national development. The Coalition calls on Hong Kong citizens, all walks of life, and all civil servants to unite and work together, to support HKSAR Government in strict accordance with the law, to seize national development strategies such as the "14th Five-Year Plan", the construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong Macao Greater Bay Area, and the “Belt and Road Initiative” to build a better future for Hong Kong!



04 February 2023


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